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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A new Voice in the Wilderness.

By: George

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Well, here is my first baby step. I want to start with a good impression, so I am trying to choose my topic as well as my words carefully.

As a public speaker, we are told to start off with a funny story or a joke. So here goes....  This guy walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. Oh… so you heard that one already. OK, how about… A Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam are stranded on a desert island. Ohhh.. You know that one too??

Well, then maybe I should just go on to the Topics of this Blog.  That should be quite easy.  Some time ago my daughter Susie suggested to me that I start a Blog.  She said, "Dad, you like to write and you are good at it, and you always have opinions about everything, so I think that you should start a Blog." I thought about it, did some research, and when I found out what a "Blog" was, I decided to do it.

Of course I ran into the dreaded "What Topics am I Going to Write About"!  I looked around and found that there are oodles of Political Blogs out there, so Politics was out.  I decided to choose less controversial topics like Religion, Family, UFOs etc...  At this point I took a Steno Pad and carried it around with me jotting down topics that intrigued me, maddened me, puzzled me and mainly what railed at my "Logical Mind".  Then when I accumulated all these interesting topics, I sat down to review the choices to write my very first Blog Post.

I ticked off the topics one by one... NO - that's Politics, that one is also a NO - it's Politics, the next one is a NO - Politics again....  Hmmm... looking down my whole list, it seemed that the nexus of all my vexations fixated on Politics.  O.K., let's try this again, and I repeated the exercise again.  Upon review, I was staring at the same result. Politics, Politics, POLITICS...

So my Logical Mind came to a swift conclusion.  I'll start with Politics, then I'll segue into the other topics later. So for now, Politics it is.

As for the name of this Blog, I hope that it is self explanatory.  I mentioned that I am logical (Mr. Spock being my role model), and what I see all around me tends toward the frustratingly illogical.  I will, therefore, give you my analysis of various topics utilizing flawless logic backed by research, thereby presenting the Truth as logic dictates.

Get ready World, prepare to be enlightened!

P.S.  Since I tend to sometimes use words that may befuddle some readers, I will endeavor to link those words to instant translation, as in this sentence.

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