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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Obama's Wonderful Jackpot

By: George

In my opinion, it is high time that America had a real President once again. I long for the days when the occupant of the White House was a patriotic American, who shouldered the grandeur of the Office of the President with gravity, who understood that the American President bows for no man. I recall a time when winning the election for the Presidency of the United States of America was considered a privilege and a responsibility that humbled the victor. Instead, today we are "ruled" by a narcissistic egotist, who believes that he hit the big Jackpot, which entitles him to throw "his" new found riches around with abandon. He is mistaking the Presidency with the despotism of an absolute Monarch, albeit, a Monarch in training.

Has anybody taken a count of the number of days that President Obama has actually spent in the Oval Office since his inauguration? How many vacations has he taken, how many parties has he thrown, how many rounds of golf has he played, and how much taxpayer money has he squandered on his and Michelle's lavish lifestyle? How many times has the Ultimate Rock Star wannabe appeared on TV or radio, in fact, have there been any days since he assumed command when he was not on television, radio or magazine cover? How many people has he bowed down to?

The office of the Presidency of the United States used to be an exalted, dignified position. And while in the past the opposing party may have cast derision upon the sitting President, the officeholder was always dignified in his demeanor, and he was always respected publicly for the stature of the office he held.

While Bill Clinton tried to maintain the grandiose severity of the Office, his dalliances undermined the protocol, and his scandals, although mostly contained, denigrated the lofty stature of the Presidency. George Bush, on the other hand, struggled to bring grandeur back to the office, and he managed to shift the balance somewhat, in spite of the efforts of the Media to "dummyfy" him. And then along comes the "Dude" Barack.

As our Community Organizer-in-Chief, he revels in the adulation of his worshipers, which translates to a  constant overexposure of his visage on the fawning Media stage. His narcissistic personality demands that HE should constantly be center stage (flanked by his TelePrompters), while he daily pontificates about how he alone knows what is best for the American public.

As a Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama has not only charmed a significant portion of the electorate, but managed to enchant a worldwide audience as well. He campaigned not only to the American public, but to the World at Large. He made promises, and with his skillfully honed oration, managed to convince both local and International audience that Bush was evil, and he "is the Savior". Expectations ran sky high when he was elected President of these United States of America.

From the moment that he assumed the office, however, Barack Obama treated his exalted electoral victory as a mandate to do as he pleased with his lottery winnings. He told his perceived enemies that he "won", and that they should "go to the back of the bus".

He convinced himself, as well as a majority of the American Public, that "the rising waters of the oceans will begin to recede, and the Messianic times are commencing," and as long as his little people just adore him and believe in him, they will live happily ever after.

Then, like all other Lottery Jackpot winners, he began to indulge himself in his new found wealth.   Lavish parties, expensive trips and vacations, while the country was sinking under the burden of climbing unemployment and choking economy.  And like all the Lottery Jackpot winners who outspend their winnings and go broke, our Jackpot-Winner-in-Chief has squandered his whirlwind goodwill, and is now in a downward spiral.  Even his Worldwide fan-club has turned derisive toward him. Unfortunately for the American Citizens, he still has two years with his hands in the till.

Any man who is of Presidential Caliber, when he realizes that he has fallen out of favor in the eyes of the electorate with an Election night "shellacking", will do what he can to moderate his stance to recapture electoral good will.  But Barack Hussein Obama will not moderate, cannot moderate, but will instead double down and slam his "boot" onto the necks of his "subjects".  That is how a Narcissist will react, and someone suffering from NPD is unable to see the reality that his actions engender.

Yes, I long for the days when our country was "led" by a proud President who put the concerns of the Country primary, not "ruled" by a wet-behind-the-ears Know-it-all, who in two years is yet to show that he cares for anybody else but himself and his cronies.  A president who refuses to listen to the majority of the American Public is either a delusional narcissist, or has mistaken the American Presidency with a Banana Republic Dictatorship.

You decide which one it is, and GOD help us all!  Luckily, "In GOD We Trust!"


  1. Hi George,

    The tone of your epistle skips right over addressing the previous ( riding on DADDY's Coat Tails Commander in Thief before Obama );
    himself " Drunk With Power " ( starting two illegal wars - both under false pretenses );
    ( forget lotteries - such trivia pales when compared to the amount of American Serviceman needless blood that " Errant BUSH " has on his hands ?? ... the " cherry on top " of which
    drove America into a 8 Trillion Dollar Ditch which was then handed to ( as you put it - " the Savior " ); a label I am quite amused by, and think is always short changed on adjectives. Words cannot adequately describe the person, or persons needed to help make the country work again, after Bush's disasterous 8 years of " Leadership Dysfunction " !!

    And, please get off the ..... " White House was a patriotic American, who shouldered the grandeur of the Office of the President with gravity, who understood that the American President bows for no man "....BS. First, Bob Dylan rightfully addresses the bowing ( meaning everyone ) with the song " Ya Gotta Serve Somebody " George, your" Smoke in Mirrors " looks nice in text books, but certainly only lives there. Any illusion of this in the Presidency may appear to exist; but only after many rehersals by all individuals who hold this office.

    Your correct George. You did get my " give the new and brighter guy a chance " 'my presence going ' here, but unfortunately, I have this discipline called " Work " I have to go to, which which always gets in the way.

    More later .... Harry

  2. Harry Anonymous,

    Two points:

    1. You have to learn to focus on the topic at hand. We are talking about our current Narcissist-in-Chief. So will you LIBERALS get off the "hate George Bush" bandwagon already. The good old days of Dubya are behind us. The time now is to show the self-professed Savior for what he really is - a Narcissistic Megalomaniac.

    2. What the heck are you talking about? Try to make some sense my friend. Maybe some more sleep would help.

    Beyond that, keep checking back for some more interesting stuff coming up.

    1. Thanks. I thought it was just me that thought Harry was over the edge. No sense at all.

  3. George --

    I am so happy to finally see someone put the right label on our president: narcissistic megalomaniac. I have never seen a president with this much of a thirst for media attention. And just as I thought the Clintons had more than their fair share of audacity, in comes this uber narcissist who, as you pointed out, is ostentatiously living large while the country and entire world is struggling financially. It's shameful and what's even worse is that the left versus right feud we have going in this country has degenerated to a point where nothing is more important than one-upping the other side. It has gotten to a level in DC where they're basically saying, "Let the people fight amongst themselves (black vs white & blue vs red) while we act like impertinent out-of-control children and do what we want." (No offense to children).

    B. Monica

  4. Monica,

    Thanks for your kind words. I try to examine life through the prism of logic, and I happen to be a good judge of people. Those facts combined lays bare our POTUS to me.

    As for the politicians in general, if you haven't yet read my treatise on Political Corruption, try it. You'll more than agree with me on that.

  5. Quite seriously. I am assuming that you are talking about President Obama being afflicted with NPD.

  6. You hit the nail on the head. Regardless of left or right, the man has NPD. He can't talk about anything without relating it back to him. Look at his comments at the Nobel peace prize ceremony this year. It didn't take him more than a sentence to get on a tangent about himself.

  7. what happened to my comment?


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