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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Minimize Political Corruption.

By: George

Am I the only one, or did anyone else notice that Political Corruption is rampant in our Political System?  Be it National, State or Local politicians, every time a rock is turned over, some crooked "elected official" slithers out.

Now you will probably point out that it only seems that way, because the news only covers politicians when they are found with their hands in the cookie-jar.  And while I agree that scoundrels are more newsworthy than honest upstanding citizens, it still seems to be almost a daily denouement.  We hear about politicians taking bribes, getting kickbacks, going on junkets at taxpayer expense, practicing nepotism, using campaign funds as personal accounts, avoiding taxes, hiring prostitutes on our dime, prevaricating (lying) without compunction, and many more. Now considering that we ONLY hear about the ones that got caught, we can start to fathom the extent of the sleaze.

I recently saw someone quote that "Crooked politicians give a bad name to the other 10%". This is meant to be funny, but it is probably understating the truth.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Terrorists say "Jump", do we ask "How high?"

By: George   

When the tragic earthquake in Haiti hit a while ago, it has managed to shift the spotlight of the media from the ridiculous to the tragic.  I am referring to the fact that at least momentarily, the media was no longer focusing on the "underwear bomber", but was instead highlighting the heroism of people from the civilized world in the Haitian rescue effort.

Since I was preparing to comment on the TSA security response to that latest "terror" attempt before the earthquake hit, I will revisit that topic now. After all, someone has to stand up and shout, "Open your eyes, America!"

When 9-11 dropped onto our laps, all of us were inspired by the response of our leadership to do something meaningful about it. Patriotism was rampant and we were determined to punish those responsible for the attack. Our efforts paid off in driving the perpetrators into hiding. They knew that if they showed themselves, let's face it, we would kill them.

Then somewhere along the way, the climate changed. We forgot our determination to seek and destroy, and replaced it with a self-flagellating Political Correctness. We suddenly forgot who our enemy was, and eschewed a spineless conciliatory tone towards our self-proclaimed undertakers. And in doing so, we have brought the greatest injustice to our own citizenry. With our repeated reaction to terrorist activities, we have taken Lady Liberty, and ripped asunder her garments of freedom.