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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Quick Post - Say WHAT??

By: George

This morning as I browsed the news, there was an article that kinda smacked me upside the head. Well... let me share it with those of you who only get sensible news.

Schwarzenegger bans welfare cards at psychics
LOS ANGELES - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says welfare recipients can no longer use state-issued debit cards at medical marijuana shops, psychics and other businesses whose services have been deemed "inconsistent with the intent" of the program.
The Los Angeles Times reports that Schwarzenegger sent a letter to county welfare directors Monday announcing that ATMS and point-of-sale card readers in such businesses will be removed from the network that accepts California's Electronic Benefits Transfer cards.
Other businesses affected by the ban include bail bond establishments, bingo halls, cruise ships and tattoo parlors.
In June, Schwarzenegger barred welfare cards at casino ATMs following a Times report that CalWorks cards were being used to withdraw cash in more than half the casinos in the state.

O.K., there you have the state of our country in a nutshell. Need I spell it out for you?

We have in place a system to help those of our brethren who are (hopefully temporarily) down on their luck, and we feel great. We are providing sustenance to little starving children. What could be nobler than Charity?

Then we read an article like the one above, and we realize that what started as "noble", ended up "ignoble".  While we reach out a hand to support the downtrodden, some people learn how to game the system and milk it for all they can.  And even people who legitimately deserve the aid, learn how to manipulate it for profit.

Here are some questions that need to be answered.

  • What other establishments "inconsistent with the intent" are there in California?
  • Will there be a full investigation and rectification of these crimes?
  • How many other states have welfare cheats in the same vein?
  • What is the full extent of the fraud countrywide?  How much does this cost the Taxpayer?
  • Will there be a reform of the welfare system that will insure that only needy people receive assistance, and these selfsame people actually use the monies for legitimate purchases?
Let's reach out to our newly elected Politicians and demand answers.

What do you think?  Are you happy with the current arrangement?  I am just being too judgmental?  I want your feedback!

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  1. Hey George,
    It's been great reading your commentary, and in theory I agree with all of it. It's nice to have a forum to rile against the status quo and hopefully shake the tree enough so the monkeys fall out. More power to you. I agree that welfare fraud and other fraud costs us plenty. We need a grass roots effort like the "tea party" to effect change in government. However, there's a tremendous problem. Not only are the politicians embedded, so is the system. I'm sure you heard of the book "the power elite". We're just perpetuating what started long ago. Dr. J


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