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Monday, November 15, 2010

TSA - Protection or Perversion?

By George:

If you have tried flying lately, you may have noticed a new phenomenon. Freedom, as we have known it in the past, has been replaced by "Big Brother" (or should that be "BIG Sister"), and enforced by the mostly unwitting personnel of the TSA (Trained Security Apes?).

I have previously spoken out on the topic of the TSA reaction to the terrorists, and I would like to continue in this vein.

It would be unfair to single out the individual employees of the TSA, except for the fact that these lowly denizens of the airports seem to have taken to their newfound "power-trip" with gusto. Yes, I know that it is their "job" and the are only "following orders", but that job can be done with either humility, or arrogance. It can be done in a demeaning way, or it can be done discreetly. It can be done in a way that they would want it done to their own children and spouses, or it can be done with the joyous zeal of a pedophile.

But having said that, it is not the visible echelons of the TSA that should worry us. After all, they are only "doing their job."  What we should question is the motives and the wisdom of the TSA organizational Elites, who visit these indignities on the traveling public. I am talking about those Political appointees who couldn't logically reason their way out of a paper bag, who fill their positions only because they know the right people and know how to follow their own "orders".

But the scariest thought of all, is that the American Public has been so browbeaten, that most will willingly submit to any degradation meted out in the name of "Security".  They slink through the dehumanizing escapade with their "tails between their legs". The truth is that this method of "security" checks do nothing to enhance our actual security.

So you are asking me to prove it?  It's simple if you are willing to use your brains.  Tell me what was the first impetus to enhanced security measures (shoes and belts removed)?  That's right, it was the Reaction to the "Shoe Bomber".  What was the impetus for the current Nude Scanners and Groping Patdowns?  Correct again, it was the Reaction to the "Underwear Bomber".  Now comes the trick question....  Assuming that they had access to today's methodology, which TSA agent in the U.S.A. could have stopped these two terrorist before they boarded their flight?  Think real hard!!  NONE!!  Both of these terrorists boarded their flights overseas.  That's right, Paris and Amsterdam!  So why are WE being PUNISHED?

Now while the minions on the front lines are busy groping crotches and fondling bosoms,  the REAL TERRORISTS are laughing, and are busy finding ways to game the system.  While our supposed Protectors do their utmost to stomp on our Constitutionally protected freedoms with their Jackboots and harass the innocent traveler, the terrorists, who should be the focus of their zeal, will most probably manage to find the next method of entry to their Heavenly Harem of virgins.  While we are suddenly enamored with checking out Laser Printer Cartridges, the wily death-merchant is already working on the Death Banana, the KaBoom Box or the exploding Tampon.

Will each and every terrorist attempt, being successful or otherwise, result in a further diminution of our freedoms?  Will our Guardians "react" once again with the ONLY response they seem to be comfortable with - the "Protective Subjugation" of the American Citizen?

Unfortunately, until the American Public stands up and asserts it's love of Liberty at the top of it's collective lung, my realistic evaluation is YES.  You can check out my solution (hint - Profiling) at my TSA reaction to the terrorists posting.  What do you think?  Do you have any Solutions?  Have any "smart" comments?


  1. Can't say I totally agree with you here. I don't mind lots of security. Yes - most things are a reaction. But if you don't learn from things, they are destined to be repeated. Can you imagine if we didn't have that shoe thing, and then another guy used his shoes for bombs? Your reaction would then be why the hell didn't we learn anything? We can't predict the future, but we can do the best with what we have. So if I have to do a body scan, I really don't care. How many bombs have gone off on planes in the last few years? We must be doing something right.
    My pet peeve has to do with TSA folks getting carried away. Escorting someone out with an armed guard for making a joke. Seriosly? Get a sense if humor, man.

  2. I fully agree with George about the way these body pat downs should be done. I agree with Devorah in that an armed guard is not necessary in escorting someone away who is made a joke. Gracious, that would be me is I ever decide to fly again!
    When I flew to Ireland with my Mom in the '70's, I asked the airport security person 'if he wanted to see my gun.' He laughed and then got very serious as it was during the English/Irish turmoil. I deal with unpleasant situations using humor. It has always been what gets me through and helps others to relax.

  3. The TSA and their theatrics is nothing but a sham to make the insipid, mentally lazy American feel at ease. If anyone DARED to think for themselves rather than have the government think for them, they would realize this security charade is just that- a charade. But the American people are cowed into submission by the media reporting the protests in a mocking tone and by the individual's refusal to think for themselves. Obey the government, little sheep, and continue bleating the "for your safety" mantra until you believe it.

  4. You can only go so far to prevent an attack, as attackers will go for the weakest link with the the cheapest methods. It then becomes an asymetrical battle between the terrorists and the government where the terrorist will use a $1 gadget like a box cutter and the government will use a $5 million dollars machine at each airport to stop that box cutter. You get the idea. It just won't work in the long run, as we'll go bankrupt as a country. Not to mention that these "Preventitive measures" effectively strip away our rights as Americans. This is what the terrorist intended in the first place, to give pain to our daily lives. If you think that all these measures saves lives you are sadly mistaken. We are spending billions of dollars to an unproductive system. Yes, it deters some form of hijacking, but what you are loosing sight of is that this money can be be better spent on other programs that has real impact on society. How many people die in this country everyday because they couldn't afford some preventative drugs or surgery? How many violent crimes are commited because we have inadequate police protection in poor neighborhood? Maybe these aren't the best example of uses for the money we dumped into the TSA, but you get the idea. Now compare that number to what you may have prevented by a terrorist attack, which do you think will be higher? Usually, it's the non-headline grabing deaths that can be prevented thru some simple community programs. There are some companies and people out there that are making lots of money because of the fear that has been driven into the public psyche. They should be ashame of themselves. But they don't care, because they are in this for the money.

  5. My thoughts to this are in the other entry. *nod*

    (Note: I'm married to a Dutch man, so am quite familiar with Schipol airport - with some of the most stringent security in the world, to the point of being frustrating going and coming, actually.)

    Part of the problem, as I see it, is that terrorism is precisely what it is. I agree that American reaction has been *exactly* what you note: reactive. We've been complacent and self-assured of our immunity to terrorism for WAY too long. I've been saying that since I was a child. Terroristic events are NOTHING new...not by a damn side...and we should have been working toward preparations against that decades ago. As an international traveler, even as a child, I never COULD understand why our airport security was so lax. I know now it's because Americans see themselves as untouchable -and have carried that attitude for a very long time. 9/11 was a tragedy, but it was also a wake-up call. We should have been better secured prior to that...LONG prior to that. All we're doing now is trying to catch up with a decade ago. *heavy sigh*


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