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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Obamacare - Solution or Illusion?

By George:

Here we are at the brink of a new political season, and the GOP contingent has hit the ground running. The first order of business (after the reading of the Constitution), is the repeal of Obamacare.

Depending on which side of the political spectrum you call home, this is either the most noble endeavor, or it is a tragic waste of time. But whatever your position, the fact is that it is in play, and the effort to Repeal will soon be attempted. Now we all know that this reversal of President Obama's "cause célèbre" will not be accomplished with choruses of Kumbaya from the Democrat Party.

Each side to this debate has their rally cry, and arguments. The Democrats and their supporters praise the bill as the greatest boon to mankind, and say that repealing it is fraught with dangers to humanity.  The Republicans and their supporters, on the other hand, offer a plethora of reasons against the viability of this Healthcare Bill.

This article is not written to rehash the arguments of the two sides, nor will I pass judgement on the merits or the demerits of the Bill. What I will do is offer a solution that is logical, and its simplicity should overwhelm all opposition.

Fact: Democrats claim that the "new benefits under the law have freed millions of Americans from worry that they'll lose or be denied insurance, made it easier for small businesses to sponsor coverage for their employees, and provided more affordable prescriptions for seniors on Medicare."

Fact: The Administration website states that "The Affordable Care Act is designed not just to control health care costs, but to improve quality of care as well."

Fact: The Republicans and the Conservatives warn against the dangers inherent in this Bill. (The links were overwhelming to try to include here. Just Google Obamacare yourself)

What is to be done to reconcile the opposing sides peacefully?  Is there an amicable solution?

YES THERE IS, and here it is.

The Republicans should offer to accept the Obamacare Bill with the following teeny, tiny change, and not budge an inch.  Remove ALL exceptions to the implementations of the Bill and make sure that every American receives the exact same level of coverage.  In other words, Every American should be required to use this Healthcare System exclusively, including every Union member, EVERY Politician, as well as the President and the Vice President (and their families).

Since the Democrats sincerely believe in the beauty of their creation, they should have no problem with relinquishing their current health coverages and agreeing to this slight modification. Draw up a contract to this effect, have ALL politicians sign off on it, then attach it to the Healthcare Bill.

If ALL politicians can't abide by this minuscule change, chuck the whole piece of garbage into the nearest shredder, and let's move on to more important things, like JOBS!

A beautiful, simple solution to a thorny problem.

Now I want everybody out there in the blogosphere to pick up your phones, call as many politicians as you can manage, and urge them to make this modification.

Nirvana is waiting.


  1. Your talking about arranging deck chairs on the titanic, regardless of good or bad, right or wrong - this bill along with the rest of the warfare/welfare state will collapse under our mountain of debt. We would have been Greece a long time ago if we had not owned the printing press. So regardless of the politics behind this, keeping it adds to our slow economic collapse.

  2. To Anonymous.

    Sorry if my sense of irony was not obvious to you, but I was just making a point by advocating acceptance if my conditions are met.

    The fact is, that nothing will make our politicians relinquish their tax payer funded Cadillac policies. Definitely not the lure of Obamacare.

    My point was, that if THEY are not willing to embrace Obamacare, then why try to foist that piece of turd on the public.


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