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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Play Must Go On --- NOT!

By George:

For the past 2 years I have been watching the activities and the demeanor of the Obama White House, and in particular the President himself. Throughout, I have been nagged by a feeling that there is something very familiar in what I was observing. Then one day as I was letting my subconscious sort my thought out, it finally hit me. Kindergarten.

Let me explain. When my children were young, I have had the privilege to attend presentations and plays that were performed by the children in school. Of course I realize that I am not the only parent who had children in school plays, so I know that most of you will be able to relate to this. The point is that if you have seen these plays, you will notice that there are multiple participants with inherently differing levels of roles.

First and foremost are the "Actors", the children, with perhaps one or two promoted to a leading role. Then you have a crew of "workers" who do the scenery, the costumes, the props and the scripts. Finally you have a teacher or a parent directing the whole production. Everyone has their functions clearly defined, with the most obvious differentiation being the authority and power wielded by the various participants.

The "Director" has the most input to the production, but he/she will do so behind the scenes. The "workers" make the play happen, and their skills will highly influence the success of the presentation. But they too will conduct their craftsmanship in relative anonymity.

The "Actors" (our little darlings), are the Stars. They are given the lines to study, they are told how to dress, they are told how to stand, walk and speak. And if they successfully follow their instructions, they are the "Stars", getting the applause and adoration of the audience. In between rehearsals and perhaps multiple presentations of the play, these actors are allowed to go "play", while the director and workers fine-tune the production. But our little "actors" know in their hearts that they are most important people in the play.

If you really think about it, this simple scenario will mostly hold true in the entertainment community, from amateur to professional, from off-Broadway to Broadway, from short videos to full length movies. But you never before equated this simple scenario to the White House of the United States of America. That is, until now. So open your mind and think about this.

Barack Hussein Obama has been elected to the office of the Presidency. And like a kid who has won the leading role in a school play with the backing of a teacher, he reveled in his victory, but had absolutely no idea of what the position of the Presidency entailed. Luckily, the White House came with a full complement of "workers", and the very same "Director" who had already orchestrated his ascendancy to the office, hired a fawning group of supporting actors to help put on the "play". Barack Obama stepped into his role as "Lead Actor" with the proper arrogance befitting a member of the starring class. The stage is his as he prances, orates and gesticulates, acting as he has been scripted to do. He has perfected the reading of the teleprompter with gravitas that is interspersed with levity, as he holds his nose aloft in a pompous display of superiority.

Then when the "scene" comes to a close, the Star, co-Star and supporting cast, go out to play and take a much deserved break, while the Director and his staff of workers plan the next production.

I know what you Libs are thinking. Well isn't that the way that the Presidency is always played? Didn't that *#@$%# Bush do the same thing? And my answer to you will be a resounding NO! All previous Presidents, including the grossly incompetent Jimmy Carter, all played not only the part of the Leading Man, but also assumed the position of the "Director". They made decisions, took responsibility for actions and assumed the locus of every facet of governing, with the aid of a cadre of capable administrators. These Presidents were briefed daily on both domestic and international action flash-points. Entertainment and "play" was secondary for these leaders. This current President is yet to take responsibility for anything.

For the first time in history, we have an American President who treats the Presidency as if it was a winning Jackpot. (Read: Obama's Wonderful Jackpot). President Obama's priority is to provide nepotism to his "extended family", be entertained and have fun, and follow the script to Socialism and/or Islamic Sharia as provided by his Director.

(Scene 1) "Hurry, hurry, hurry... It's a crisis and we must pass this stimulus bill right away or the world will end" (So how did I do? What transparency? Did I really say that? I am going out to play. Call me when we are ready for the next scene)

(Scene 2) "It's a crisis and we must immediately bail out these banks and G.M. by taking them over right now, or the world will end". (Am I doing all right? Did it sound sincere enough? What transparency? Going out to play. Call me when you are ready.)

(Scene 3) It's a crisis and we have to pass my HealthCare bill immediately or the moon will crash into the earth. (I wanted to have that line about having to pass it first to know what's in it! Why did you give it to Nancy? Waaah! What transparency? I'm going out to play!)

(Scene 4) (Hey - I heard something about an oil spill... Am I going to say anything about it? You're working on it? Great! -------) "It's a crisis and we must immediately stop this spill. It has been going on for weeks and my playground is getting messy. Find out whose ass to kick." (Can I say that? Oops. Find me some place I can go play.)

(Scene 5) "I know that it's been a few weeks already, but I have decided that Khadafi must go, uhh, or not, or killed, or really given a harsh reprimand. Now that I have spoken, NATO can take over and tell us how much money we should dump into their pockets". (Did the Muslims really ask for me to do this? That's great! Praise Allah! I have to go play!)

Etc.., etc..

You find this hard to believe? Be honest with yourself, and think logically. First, ignore anything that Obama has ever said and just concentrate on what he has done. You know the saying that actions speak louder than words, and in this case the message is deafening. His "actions" have attacked and undermined the foundations of Democracy as we have known it. This required more planning and scheming than a mere Community Organizer could muster in his spare time.

Yes, I know, I know! You have a question. "So just who is this Director that you say is the one making the decisions for Barack Obama?" I'll have to answer, that frankly I am not sure. One thing is certain, that there is one. While I have narrowed the field down to 3, I can't really pin him down. This is where you my readers can help with your input. I have found that most of you are above average intelligence, (although there are quite a few Liberals following this blog,) and I am counting on you to help me sort this out.

I would like to know who is (are?) pulling the strings in the White House. Who is writing the "script" that Obama reads so adroitly (from a teleprompter). Who is figuring out when to call him in from the playground for the next Act?

Oh wait!! Maybe we are really just watching the Wizard of Oz! Well, then it's time to look behind the curtain.

I am counting on you, my readers, to help.


  1. You are giving good ol' boy Jimmy too much credit.

    My money (any post tax) is on Soros.

  2. Hey George, I would love for you to come and post on my site 'A MORE PERFECT UNION'

    Hope to see ya there.

    Karl Gustave

  3. The director is George Soros as your other commenter pointed out.

    The strategy you are seeing played out is "Cloward and Pivens"

    Here is a Wikipedia link:


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