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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Un-Common People's Rebellion.

By: George

Observing the current events in the Middle East, I hate to say this, but "I told you so."

Wait - this is the Unmitigated Truth, so I can't lie. I have to admit that it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside to say "I told you so."

In my previous post on the subject I have pointed out that the Egyptian protests did not coalesce in a vacuum, and the whole of the Middle East is about to be embroiled. I called out the Muslim Brotherhood as the impetus to the unrest, and you have seen this fact borne out.

 A little analysis will highlight the obvious. Demonstrations of any significant size, do not spontaneously erupt. There has to be a lot of planning, motivating, instigating and provoking at an opportune time before the masses (the Sheeple) will take to the streets. While the ignorant Mainstream media trumpets the Middle Eastern unrests as the downtrodden common people yearning for Democracy, they fail to explain how these people would even know what Democracy is. All they know is that they want to change what they have now, and when a group of "Community Organizers" promise the panacea called "Democracy", they respond unthinkingly as mobs will tend to do (See the last US Presidential Elections).

I know what you are thinking. "So who is behind all these budding "revolutions"? Why can't they just be what they seem to be, an honest outpouring of the desire for Freedom? Why must you always read sinister motives into everything?" Great questions, but now let us use our brains for more than just a filler for the cranium cavity. Think!

You all have seen the video footage of the Libyan "uprising". The Government forces are fighting something called the "Rebel" forces. We are led to believe that these "Rebel" forces are those people who have demonstrated against Khadaffi to demand his ouster and to bring on the onset of "Democracy". Now stop! Think! Where would the oppressed citizens of a Dictatorship accumulate a cache of weapons like what we have seen on the news reports? They are armed with enough of the latest machine guns as well as R.P.G.s, anti-aircraft guns and tank killing rockets, to challenge a well equipped and trained military. Where did these weapons come from? Where did these "regular citizens" acquire the skills to use these relatively sophisticated weaponry?

Can you say "Muslim Brotherhood?" Can you say "Al Qaeda?"  Can you say, perhaps, Iran?  As for the timing of these uprisings, I have already covered that in my previous post You Reap What You Sow.  Basically, it's the Obama Factor.  "The world's Policeman, Uncle Sam, has been kneecapped by a Socialist Muslim sympathizer, so let's get Islam ascendancy established wherever we can, before he has a chance to get back on his feet."

Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran... Where will it end? But wait! What is Iran doing on this list? Iran already has an Islamic government? The question itself contains the answer. This is just to show you what happens when there is a TRUE attempt to protest against the Muslim leadership. How many hours did that demonstration last before it was quashed under the Muslim Jackboots? How much support did the Irani demonstrators get, and how well were they armed? Are we getting the pattern yet?

The push is on to Islamize the world, and the Middle East is the flexing of muscles of the body Islam. While America is being subverted and paralyzed from within by radical elements and Britain and France have their "Fifth Column" Muslim instigators to deal with, "Al Qaeda" and the "Muslim Brotherhood" have a free hand to establish beachheads in, and attempt to establish control of the above mentioned countries. And all the while, you will notice the Obama Administration aiding and abetting these aspirations either directly, or through their immediate proxy, the American Unions.

Which brings me to the next topic of "The Most Unholy Unions". Coming very soon....


  1. Interesting take

  2. Very well put, George.

    A vast majority of Americans is sadly abetting the socialist movements our country (the administration)is taking, willingly giving away the rights that our forefathers had given us. Sounds like Pullmanizing is in effect... God help those of us smart enough to recognize what is really going on..

  3. Do I detect that the facade of this rebellion has fallen a bit?
    What is Al Qaeda = Really?
    This guy believed in aliens, but you should listen to what he said here. Before he was killed. And before September 2001.

    Sadly, those looking for democracy and freedom in the Middle East, and elsewhere, are getting cold reality instead. Which reminds me of a song.

    In a place you only dream of, where your soul is always free
    Silver stages, golden curtains, filled my head plain as could be
    As a rainbow grew around the sun, all the stars I've loved, who died
    Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see, these lovely people played just for me

    Now if I let you see this place where stories all ring true
    Then will you let me past your face to see what's really you
    It's not for me I ask this question as though I were a king
    For you have to love, believe and feel, before the burst of tambourines take you there

    Green grass and high tides forever
    Castles of stone, soul and glory
    Lost faces say we adore you
    As kings and queens bow and play for you

    Those who don't believe me, find your souls and set them free
    Those who do, believe and know that time will be your key
    Time and time again I've thanked them for a peace of mind
    That helped me find myself amongst the music and the rhyme that enchants you there

    On another note:
    Unions? - that reminds me -
    When researching unions some time ago, interesting information surfaced about the rand corporation. One of its founders, a recipient of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, was a General "Hap" Arnold. A descendant of Benedict Arnold.

    A Prayer for those suffering brothers and sisters in Japan.

    In 1982 I protested the opening of San Onofre in California.
    Why are these reactors built on ocean? Often directly on or near active seismic areas? We don't think these "builders"
    didn't know of the power of the sea? Do we? Of course they did.

    Probably last post. At least for awhile.
    Peace to you and your world George -

  4. In light of what has happened, I must comment here just once more.
    I hope some of what I have communicated recently, in several places, has done some good for someone; somewhere. Pretty much seems as though not.

    Regardless, I have followed my conscience - and
    Remember you heard it here first. The caliphate is coming; but it won't be what it appears.

    Iran - Pakistan - Turkey - Egypt - Syria - and satellites (like Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, and Lebanon - perhaps Algeria and others)

    Remember the justification for Attacking Afghanistan? Libya -
    Civilian Deaths (9 eleven).
    Do research the civilians killed in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

    Yesterday the western powers announced that they will kill Libyans - for whatever reason - with whatever justification. The dynamic duo, the Brits and French, have done it with the US orchestrating from the shadows. Now there are reports of Tomahawk strikes on Tripoli. From his perspective, should Gaddafi have given up his nuke program?
    Didn't they just ensure that Iran, North Korea; or others will never do it?
    Did Gaddafi really do it? (If so, maybe Iran will give him one?)
    I can see very well what bloody hands usually get you.
    By the actions of yesterday and today, It is clear to me Pandora has a care package for us all. Be prepared.

    By the way
    How vulnerable are all those French nuke plants I wonder?

    Insane !


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