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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am NOT a Birther, but....

By George:

As you know by now, from time to time I will share with you the contents of emails that I receive from various sources. This morning someone sent me an email that included a link to a Youtube video purporting to prove that President Obama was NOT born in the United States. The email then verbally pressured the recipient, in this case me, to immediately forward this email to everyone before this important video disappears from Youtube and we continue to be "ruled by an illegal alien".

Needless to say, I always "obey" any email that warns of dire consequences. So I am going one better, and I am passing this earth-shattering video on to the whole world (my readers span the whole globe). This secret will now finally be revealed. So please watch this video now, and we'll chat about it after you have been totally blown away by it.

All right, now that we have absorbed this never before seen exposé, let's catch our collective breath and analyze this logically.

Frankly, I was a little disappointed with the contents of this video. I expected at least one hidden camera shot of President Obama reverting to his real alien shape, but it wasn't shown. There was no speculation which planet he is from, and for that matter, no explanation was given of the difference between "legal" and "illegal" aliens. I have seen "Men in Black" several times, and this video comes nowhere close.

All right, all right.... I'll get serious for a moment.

As I said in the title of this article, I am not a birther. On the other hand, I sympathize with those who point out that nobody would go to such extreme extents and expense ($1.5 million) to suppress the release of a Birth Certificate, unless he had something to hide. Either that, or he is even more of a narcissist than I gave him credit for in an earlier post. Sort of like an Uber Narcissist.

Sure, I would like to know where he was born, but in all honesty, that question pales in comparison to other questions about President Obama, like for instance, "What the *#%@&*% is he trying to do to OUR Country?" Who is he, and who is the puppeteer pulling his strings? What kind of mental control does he use to so thoroughly control the feeble minded population (otherwise known as Liberals)?

So I am leaving it up to you, my readers. What is your impression of the above video? Doctored? Real? Makes sense, or full of "you know what"? Please give me your impression.

I am listening!


  1. I think the whole birther debate is a waste of everyone's time, and takes away much-needed attention from the VERY REAL issues our nation is facing. Wasting time on a piece of paper reeks of sour grapes by members of the GOP who...despite all their promises...are not focusing where they ought. On things like, oh I dunno, JOBS.

  2. Jobs would be nice if the dems would step aside and stop the unending regulations that are strangling the small business sector. And instead of plotting their next attack on the GOP and the tea party they should get to work on the budget. They couldn't come up with one last year and we're over 14 trillion in the hole. A budget would be nice instead of all the kindergarten political games they love to play.
    And while I don't consider myself a birther I did do some extensive reading and research on the subject for the past two years and it's fascinating that one man will spend over 2 million dollars to keep a birth certificate hidden along with his school records. Makes one wonder. We all have our birth records handy since we need them for licenses and passports etc etc... why can't one man produce his, unless it's not American, or he's hiding something.

    btw... Philip Berg who initiated the first law suit is a Democrat. Keyes is an independent. and Taliz is a Republican. Since none of the above have anything to do with the jobs sector, they have chosen this path because they have strong evidence. Joseph Farah, an investigative reporter has also done extensive research.

    George, we all know that the puppet master is Soros. Following where his money goes and what Obama does to make more money for him and his thug friends is the most amazing thing to watch. Soros himself enjoyed taking down 5 countries and his target is America. He has his puppet who does his biding. Not rocket science there. and funny how he's so pissed off at Fox News and wants to take them down. It's going to be an interesting fight.

    btw.....NOTHING in this world is a Waste of Time if someone has an interest in it. We all have choices and opinions. So, one person's waste of time might mean a lot to someone else.
    bye bye :-)

  3. The birther movement may have a point but I agree that this pales in comparison to the larger scheme of things affecting this country. It will probably end up making a bow on all of his presidency's mis-steps

  4. Soros doesn't own most of the American media...

    ...that'd be Murdoch. Maybe if FNN were on cable instead of regular television, and maybe if regular (mass media) didn't follow him lock-step, then maybe, just maybe...

    ...we'd have REAL journalism, instead of having to go to international sources for actual news instead of relying on our MSM.

    Oh wait, most Americans don't bother. Right.

  5. I agree but.... it would end up being HUGE if in fact he pulled off the biggest con this country has ever scene. It would affect every bill he has signed in the past two years, (especially one of the first bills he signed which protects him from revealing his records) and it would cause total chaos. Here's a guy from Chicago who got into the senate....rarely voted...worked a total of 400 days...nobody knew who he was...and poof...he's President.... just something to ponder.

  6. I was agreeing with Allure Graphics....not Prosey...
    Prosey....maybe you should do some research...and find out how many media outlets Soros is involved in. I believe Murdoch owns one source... and all the rest are in bed with the far left. I thought you were an independent. The more you comment, the more I don't think so!
    Maybe you should do some research on how Soros loves the game. He brought down 5 countries and his long life ambition is to take America down to its knees.
    Do some reading and stop the sarcasm.
    bye bye

  7. Lori, I've done my research on both Soros and Murdoch -without bias- and what you assert about Murdoch is patently false. Perhaps it is you who should do deeper fact-checking rather than relying on your personal and clearly far-right wing bias. I have never suggested that Soros is a saint, and if you are suggesting that is what I'm implying, then you're reading WAY too much into my words. Soros, however, is not a king-maker. Murdoch, though, most certainly is - an it's not limited to the United States. I knew that you weren't agreeing with me, and I wasn't in the least bit bothered by that. You're perfectly within your rights to agree or disagree with anyone. Here's the thing,'re allowed to have your own opinions about anything you like. However, you don't get to have your own facts. They stand on their own, independent of your or my opinions.


  8. Oh, and to the "one source" you're suggesting that is the only one owned by Murdoch, I'm guessing you mean "News Corporation" ~ well, just to give an idea of how many outlets are owned by News Corp (both in the US and abroad), visit wiki:

    Soros "involved in" versus Murdoch *owning* ~ two VERY different things. Soros is far wealthier than Murdoch, without a doubt. Murdoch has FAR more influence. I would have few complaints, however, about FNN (as one segment of News Corp) if Murdoch would make it part of paid cable rather than basic...since it really isn't a genuine news network, so much as a shout box for ideologues.

  9. If Murdoch was so influential then how come Obama was elected? And you're right... Soros is not a king maker...he enjoys destroying countries.

  10. Why, you ask? Murdoch *likes* Obama...

    ...people who think Obama is "liberal" really need to look more deeply. He's as hawkish as the previous administration. THAT is where Murdoch's approval of him comes into play.

    Pitting Murdoch across from Soros creates a false equivalency. Again, I'm not "lauding" Soros - I'm not a fan of his either - do you see what I'm saying? Thing is, whatever Soros contributes financially is not *worse* than what Murdoch has been doing since his very first newspaper acquisition in Australia...then later in the UK...and then later here (which is why he obtained citizenship - because he couldn't purchase without being a citizen, if I recall - been a long time since I read his bio). Two very different men, with two very different agendas. One is up front (doesn't make it *better*, but it's out in the open); the other is more insidious and pervasive.

    Again, Lori ~ on this subject, you and I disagree....but not entirely.

  11. Insofar as destroying countries, though, that's a different conversation that would take us on many different (and probably delightfully colorful) tangents. lol


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