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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm in a Seattle Frame of Mind.

By: George 

Recently we had two new GRANDsons in the space of a few weeks, one was in Las Vegas, then the second in Seattle. I flew out to Vegas (no wife) for a 23 hour turnaround, and I wrote about that visit in my article The Eternal Covenant along with some pictures. Then a few weeks later my wife and I went to Seattle for a few days to celebrate the second grandson's circumcision. I started to write that one up too, but my daughter didn't want me to put it on the blog, so I didn't.

However, I will give you a cute little vignette from our Seattle visit. The last day we were there, we went for a walk downtown of the little town where they live. While my wife and daughter went into a shoe store, I hung around outside to soak up some rays. Right in front of the shoe store was a big beautiful shiny motorcycle, with the chrome polished to a showroom sheen. I called my 6 year old grandson over to look at it, figuring that he would enjoy it (the grandkids in Vegas and Israel go ga-ga for stuff like this).

He ambles over, gives the motorcycle a serious once-over and says "This thing produces more pollution than a car". After I recovered my voice, I asked him why he would say that. He pointed to the double chrome exhaust pipes and said "This has 2 exhaust pipes, but a car has only one". I smiled knowingly, and explained to him that it only seems that way to him because the 4 to 6 cylinders of a car are routed to one exhaust, while each of the 2 cylinders of the motorbike has its own exhaust pipe. He thought about that for a moment and declared, "What a waste of metal!" I had no answer for that.

So that's how they raise the kids in Seattle. (I did NOT paraphrase his words, but quoted him exactly).


  1. Scary. George, I appreciate your sharing a "slice of life" with us. I live in south Florida and ride a motorcycle 90% of the time. I understand that your grandson is only 6 years old, but it is not too late to "deprogram" him. I also understand that you have do deal with his parents, but I think that all it would take is a few rides on the back of a Harley to influence his point of view; but I may be overly optimistic. I have no easy answer for "west coast idiocy", as we have plenty of idiots over here. I know, I ride with a few of 'em...but I am wearing 'em down...Stay cool and keep the faith! It ain't over 'till it's over!

  2. At the rate we are willing to have our ears tingled, the end of America seems not too far distant. Sad but God has better plans then to remain long suffering forever. He too needs a break from this present day lunacy. Shalom till then.

  3. Very funny! Tell Aiden you put this on your blog. I wonder how he'll react!


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