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Monday, March 26, 2012

The American Divorce Agreement

By George:

As you know by now, from time to time I will reprint something that I receive via email if I believe my readers will enjoy. The article below is one of those, so tell me if you like this idea proposed below....

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Since we are not going to get gasoline back to $1.50 per gallon and coffee to $2.00 per pound maybe this would be a solution we could live with.

This is so incredibly well-put,  I can hardly believe it's by a young person, a student!! Whatever he runs for, I'll vote for him!


Dear American liberals, leftists, social progressives, socialists, regressive, Marxists, and Obama supporters, et. al.:

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dé·jà Vu, All Over Again.

By George:

History repeats itself, and nowhere is this truer than with Jewish history. We cannot help but draw parallels between the historical story of Purim, and the events unfolding in the current day Middle East. The similarities are eerie.

The tiny country of Israel is once again facing an existential threat necessitating decisions that her very survival hinges on. One of her neighbors is on the verge of of procuring nuclear weapons, with the leaders of this country publicly salivating over the prospects of eliminating Israel and the Jews as soon as they have the means. The terrorists in Gaza are bombarding Israeli cities daily with rockets, that make life precarious for those within reach. And now, a "million" anti-Israel activist (promoted as The Global March on Jerusalem) are threatening to surround Israel from the immediate neighboring countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, to march across the Israeli borders towards Jerusalem on March 30th, with the purpose of overwhelming the Israeli defense forces and "take over" Jerusalem.

Monday, March 19, 2012


By George:

You, my readers, may have been wondering why I have been silent in these pages for a while now. I could answer that in one of two ways. I could spin you a tale of circumstances, coincidences and wonderment, or I could tell you the straight Truth.

Well, since this is The Unmitigated Truth, I cannot do anything but embrace verity. While my absence was precipitated by the demise of my computer, and then some international travel encroached on my availability, the honest answer is that I was lazy and I kept putting off the resumption of these posts. This phase is thankfully behind me, so with my new iPad in hand my new iMac at home, you can look forward to hearing from me regularly.

Though I haven't posted any articles lately, that doesn't mean that I have lain fallow. I have about a dozen articles started, and now I will finish them and present them to you for your edification. I am looking forward to your comments and feedback.