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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bordering on Insanity

By George:

One of the many controversies roiling the political scene today is the issue of Illegal Immigrants. I happen to be uniquely qualified to discuss this topic, because about 56 years ago, my parents and I entered these United States of America as immigrants from Hungary. It was during the Hungarian Revolution when we "escaped" from Hungary, and as "refugees", eventually settled in America. (The story of our odyssey probably warrants an article, or maybe even a book).

So against this backdrop, I will offer my opinion on this topic, and via logic, unearth the truth buried deep beneath the "male bovine excrement" of the Media.

(I will use an "imaginary" Liberal co-worker named Harry as my foil, to relate an "imaginary" discussion I had with him yesterday on this subject).

So what is the situation that is fueling this rhetoric of divisiveness? In two simple words, it's Illegal Immigration.

Harry: "Don't be so insensitive, George. Just call it Immigration, or just call them 'undocumented immigrants'."

O.K., let's analyze what exactly is happening. There are people who are citizens of, and live in another country. For whatever reason, these people decide that they want to live in America. They pack some bags, and when no one is watching, they sneak over the border into this country and take up residence here. Are they Immigrants? By the strict Webster's definition, yes. Did they enter the Country legally? NO! Ergo the title of Illegal Immigrants. Of course the terminology of "Illegal Aliens" is more accurate, but let's not quibble.

Harry: "These people only came here because of the horrible conditions in their own Country. You should be able to relate to them, because you did it yourself 56 years ago."

Yes, you are correct about my being an immigrant, but here is the difference. When my parents and I crossed the Hungarian-Austrian border, we went straight to the authorities to advise them, and to seek temporary asylum while we found a country that would accept us as immigrants. We were placed in a "holding camp", and stayed there for about 3 months while we waited for the American Embassy to issue us entry Visas. In other words, we did it the legal way.

Harry: "Still, these people are hard workers and they help our economy."

On the contrary, they are part of the reason why the unemployment is so high. Think about it. Let's take a low number like 20 million for the number of illegals. If only half of them are employed, that means that they have taken the jobs of 10 million American Citizens. Then there are 20 million people sucking up our resources like Hospital Care, Schools, Municipal Services, etc...

Harry: "Still, they are already here and you can't just deport them all. Most of them are good family people who are only trying to improve their lives. Isn't that the American Dream?"

Once again, what part of ILLEGAL don't you understand? Let me give you an analogy that might help. To put it on a personal level, think of yourself as you go to work every day. You work hard to provide the basics for your family. You own a house, (or perhaps just rent a nice apartment,) feed and clothe your family, and manage to put some money aside for some extras. Then one day you come home to find that a handful of people broke into your house, and have decided to stay in your living room. They help themselves to your food, use your bathroom and are wearing some of your clothes. What would your reaction be? Would you say that they are searching for the American Dream, welcome them to stay, and give them a weekly allowance, or would you call the Police and have them "deported"?

Harry: "But it's not the same thing. Immigration is totally different".

No it's not different. It is exactly the same, but on a larger scale. This Country is OUR home, we built it, shaped it and paid for it. So now that our Country is more desirable than theirs, it does NOT give them the right to break in and help themselves to our property. And furthermore, just because they are already here illegally, does NOT obligate us to treat them as welcome guests.

Let me point out, that I am not against immigration. Immigrants are the backbone of our great Republic, but those were LEGAL immigrants. Those were people who stood in line, sometimes for a long time, to have the privilege of becoming Americans. It is those who feel that they can flaunt our sovereignty and our laws by just dropping in uninvited, that I have a problem with.

Harry: "All right, but you can't blame the children who were brought here by their parents, and especially the ones that were born here."

Yes, I can see how emotionally that would be different, but let's go back to our analogy. When you confront the group of people who have invaded your home with the intent of living there, your wife goes and calls the police. The police arrive, along with a group of well intentioned "squatter advocates" who argue that since the squatters consists of two adults and their 5 children, it is morally wrong to ask them to leave your home. The children had nothing to do with coming there, and as for the parents, you can't break up families. The Police tell you that their hands are tied, because a law was passed to allow them to say in your home. So what would your reaction be to this scenario?

Harry: "The analogy that you give is totally wrong because the immigrant issue is nothing like that!"

I realize that you can't see the point, but that is because you are a Liberal. To you, the Illegal Alien issue should be dealt with on a "feel good" basis, because you don't see it affecting you directly. You refuse to accept the truth of them dragging down the economy, instead you feel a moral superiority when you blame everything on George Bush. You can't see the similarity to the analogy, because if you did, then you would have to face the unmitigated truth. It is much easier to be generous with other people's properties.

At this point I will end the "imaginary" discussion with Harry, and since I have outlined the problem, let me offer a possible solution. I do not claim to be the first one to think of these ideas, but let me just list them in order to illuminate the way to restoring our Country to its former glory.

  1. Seal all the borders, like every other country in this world does.
  2. Pass a law that would punish any employer who knowingly hired illegals. Fine them in a meaningful way, and publicize their infraction. Enforce this law.
  3. Withhold free education and other services from illegals.
There are more suggestions that could be offered, but in my opinion, if these suggestions were followed, the Illegal Immigration problem would solve itself.

But until that happens, the only other alternative is to give the illegal immigrants free access to all the Liberal people's homes.


  1. You just did an excellent job of refuting Harry's insane Liberal ideas. Your imaginary Liberal friend has had contempt for laws and property rights of others all of his life. Liberals feels good giving away other people's money.

  2. Any U.S. Citizen supporting Illegal Immigration will lose their citizenship, U.S. Passport and social security number and will be bussed to one of our newly refurbished holding camps to await acceptance by another nation. This will lower the unemployment rate of U.S. citizens and help lower the costs of social security.


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