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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crush The Assault Media: Live Free In America

Reposted with Permission from Hugo Stiglitz Innocence Project blog.

The original of this post can be found at: HERE.

The United States of America is under attack. The Progressives seek to turn back the clock on our great nation. The communist/socialist menace has taken control of our government. There is no longer a difference between the Democrats and Republicans, they have merged into one party, with the same agenda, big government and tyranny. The main stream media has become the State Run Media. But, the one thing I did not expect to see is here and it is the worst thing that could happen to America, the people have become self-indulgent, self-entitled, whiney, worms who feel as if they can impose their will upon others. The tyranny of the majority has replaced personal freedom and responsibility.

History has taught us that civilization in North America, particularly the United States of America (USA), has developed technology that is far superior to what society relied upon centuries ago. But, the Progressives have shown that they are really “regressive” in that they seek to return to wind and solar power. The failure of wind and solar power is simply the failure of nature, clouds and still air led to the development of other energy sources. To this day, the government must fund/sponsor wind and solar companies, despite their continued failure, because the free market will not support them. If you are ineffective, you get left upon the ash heap of history, unless of course there are Progressives in office willing to steal money from working people to fund their regressive, utopian dreams of slaughtered birds and the shimmering acres of solar panels required to run an Xbox, television and cell phone charger. It is time to flog the Progressives for their failure, destruction and thefts of liberty in America.

The Soviet Union said that they would take over America without firing a shot, without war, without the use of nuclear weapons, and it appears that they were right. Despite the fall of the USSR, communism in Russia and China are just as strong as ever. Through the Progressive movement and our Constitution being used against us, there are over seventy socialist/communist/Marxist tools in Congress, directing the course the USA takes and seizing liberty as fast as they can. The redistributionist agenda is designed to eliminate the middle class, leaving just the elite and everybody else. Nationalizing the auto industry, the finance industry and healthcare are all tools of Marxism. The auto industry bailouts are rewards to the unions (who will be dismantled once the transformation of America is complete). The Dodd/Frank Bill is a takeover of the financial industry, designed to crush the poor and middle class, doing away with free checking and driving up the cost of goods and services through increased fees. Mother Russia must be proud to see that their efforts are working so well.

The Democrat party and Republican party are now just two wings of the Big Government Party. The left wants a big government, cradle to grave society and the GOP wants a big government corporate run society. I vote for neither. I choose liberty. A third party is what is needed, but there is no time for that, as tyranny is moving at the speed of smell and it stinks. Those seeking liberty must rally together and take over the GOP, as it is the party that supports more freedom than the other. It is also the party that libertarian minded people have had the biggest success in taking over. If you believe the government should leave you alone, you are needed in the GOP, as precinct leaders, Central Committee Chairman, and state leaders, eventually running the RINO/Progressive/Socialist old guard from the party. The Constitution is the beacon of freedom and the GOP is the vessel to get us back there, if we just seize the wheel and right the ship.

The mainstream media, including the much loathed and maligned Fox News, has become the state run media, carrying the torch for Progressive causes and the Obama agenda, including the push for gun control. Media puppets, such as Piers Morgan and others, are water carriers for Barack Obama and his anti-gun movement, among other things. The media no longer reports the news, they present the elites philosophy and try to impart their audience with what to think and how to feel regarding issues. Facts, who needs them? Every story has a slant, has an agenda and tells you only the things the government and media want you to have. The print media succumbed to communism a long time ago, just look at the headlines from the New York Times prior to World War II.

Despite all the challenges to liberty that America has faced, I never imagined the largest threat to liberty would be from the American people. The self-entitled weasels, who are convinced that despite paying most of the taxes, most of the expenses in America, the wealthy should pay more, so that they can continue to drain the economy, are a disgusting group of failures. They fail, because they do not try, and lacking in personal integrity they won’t. Their battle cry is, “the rich should pay their fair share”, even though they pay ninety percent of taxes now. When talk of a flat tax is begun, they whine, cry, snivel and say it isn’t fair. A flat tax is as fair as it gets, for everyone. But, remember, the self-entitled feel they shouldn’t pay a dime. The tyranny of the vocal has replaced the rule of law (see the Trayvon Martin shooting). They tyranny of the majority has replaced the Constitution (see the attack upon the Second Amendment). There is a better way.

Standing up to the Progressives and their regulations that are smoothing liberty, the economy and the American people is a must. Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals work both ways; it is time that all affected Americans clog the courts with lawsuits against the EPA, seeking injunctions pending trial. Resist tyranny by violating the rules, and simply living free. Good citizens make tyranny possible; bad citizens allow liberty to flourish.

Taking over the GOP is something that is occurring, but not fast enough. More Americans need to get off of their posteriors and get involved in their local GOP. Do some recon and determine who is a RINO, who is a conservative and who the libertarians are. It is time the conservatives and libertarians combine forces against a common enemy, the progressive RINO’s that make up the party power structure. You are either part of the problem or you are part of the solution. Be the solution.

The state run media are advocating taxing the wealthy, not cutting spending, not reforming Social Security and Medicare, and are now pushing Obama’s attempt to disarm the American people. It is time that freedom loving Americans push back against the industrial media complex. The media wants to ignore the Constitution and limit the Second Amendment, either by legislation or Executive Order, not through the rule of law. The only way to change the Constitution is by amendment. If the Second Amendment can be brought under fire, it is time to turn the tables on the media and demand that there be no editorial pages in the paper and no editorial or opinion shows or people on television news or news type shows. The argument being that the news should be just that, news, void of fact or opinion. The Assault Media needs to feel some heat; if one amendment is not safe, none of them are. Free press? Sure, we just need to limit it as words hurt. After all, stopping the Assault Media is for the children, to keep them from incorrect messages, that assault their senses, confuse them and cause turmoil within their heads and hearts. We are compassionate, caring and if the Assault Media is too, they will understand and go along with these suggestions without us having to make a legislative impact. Never mind the “go along to get along” attitude that has allowed the tyrants to run amok, it is time to take the fight to the left.

The tyranny of the vocal and the tyranny of the majority must be stopped. Liberty loving people can stand up and be vocal, be heard, flooding public meetings, demonstrating (yes, protesting, just like the left, but with class), flooding the editorial pages and elected officials offices with letters. As for the tyranny of the majority, this requires demanding adherence to the Constitution and constantly informing the left that we are a Republic, not a democracy.

To live free, be free and leave a legacy of liberty to generations to come, we either act now, in a civilized manner, we act now in a revolutionary manner, or we cease being a free people. The path forward to liberty, from the advancing shadow of tyranny can be achieved without violence, but that requires freedom loving Americans put down the remote and get in the mix. Politics is a contact sport. You either make the contacts, crush the RINO’s and take back America, or you can count on all contact being revolutionary, not political. And, if contact fails on both counts, tyranny wins and you leave a legacy of failure, but, at least you did all you could. Choosing to do nothing, keeping your head in the sand, is a choice and you will be judged by history and by God, for what you do. The power, the real power, lies in your hands. What will you do?

Hugo Stiglitz – Put A Fist In The Face Of Tyranny


  1. George, thank you for your work. If the slumbering Conservatives are ever going to make a difference in the very near future, it's going to be because of great American's like you who are able to slap our ears continually with the truth. The Big Government Party is tirelessly attacking at a fevered pace. Us Conservatives can't just close shop in between elections like we've always done. The Lefties continue with their agenda continually without cease. We've got to steal their ideas and energy as our own and counter attack even stronger before it's too late.

    1. Kelley, this is Hugo Stiglitz, the author of this article. George was kind enough to reprint it here, to get it broader exposure. Your kind words are appreciated. You actions are even more appreciated. Social media is not activism and it is time, past time for activism. We must rock the house and soon. Keep following the great work George does and feel free to enjoy what I have to offer as well.

      Hugo Stiglitz - Supreme Commander, Hugo Stiglitz Innocence Project

  2. "To live free, be free and leave a legacy of liberty to generations to come, we either act now, in a civilized manner, we act now in a revolutionary manner, or we cease being a free people."

    So why have the guns? It starts with a quote (misattributed to) WWII Japanese Admiral Yamamoto; “You can not invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass” I AM THAT RIFLE! Then looking at tyrants through the modern era the first step in their quest for ultimate domination of the masses was to disarm them. I AM THE ARMED MASSES! So when foes or tyrants have cause to hesitate for the resistance they will face… Yep, I’M THAT GUY!


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