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Monday, January 28, 2013

Are American Jews Blind, or Just Stupid?

By: George

Being an outspoken advocate of Conservative Political Principles, and since I proudly display my Orthodox Jewish roots, I often get asked "Why did the majority of American Jews STILL vote for Obama"? This happens to be an excellent question, considering the apparent diminishing support of Israel by the Obama administration, 
while openly embracing the Muslim Brotherhood. We have a deteriorating American economy, burgeoning governmental debt, renewed racial tensions, and emaciated foreign policy projection. The answer, however, involves an exploration of the various multifaceted segments of the Jewish population, and their disparate motivations for their choices.

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Israeli News You May Have Missed

By George:

I just read this story on "israel today" which headlines "Palestinian rioters march on Jewish vineyards". It struck me ironic that while the Jews struggle to improve their lives, their Arab neighbors find it more desirable to destroy what the Jews have done, rather than emulating their successes.

Then I remembered an article I read over the weekend that summarized the News from Israel in 2012, that you may have missed if you were reading the Main Street Media. It summarizes this news by month, and I figured that I will present this article to you with the addendum of some Muslim "accomplishments" for the same time period.