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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here Comes the Party 'A'

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By: Cutter Bench.

It absolutely amazes me how glibly we toss aside one of the pillars of our civilization! Marriage, after thousands of years of history, is being redefined by the so-called enlightened, and we are told -- as it seems we are always told -- any opposition to this radical agenda is hateful. Not surprisingly, it's the same argument posited by tantrum-addled unruly children, who blanch at the prospect of boundaries being levied by their parents. "They won't allow me to do whatever it is I want to do, Waaah... they hate me." Yes, this childish form of reasoning is an adoptive means of radical-reckoning. Opposing opinions and those holding them, are hateful. Gosh! How does one even begin to refute such vacuous logic? Pandering, for them is virtue; governance, vice.

Cicero said, "The wise are instructed by reason, ordinary minds by experience, the stupid out of necessity, and brutes by instinct." Reason would instruct that Marriage is the province of a Bride and her Groom. We are told however, that we need to experience a more freer, all-encompassing redefinition of marriage. We are told that the established rules and laws of marriage are outdated, archaic, and we need to be more open-minded. After all, imperfect humans have not yet perfected traditional marriage. Therefore, we must allow the self-appointed "enlightened" to morph it into something unrecognizable, a cacophony, some puckish nuptial mockery.

The depth, weight and scope of historical precedence notwithstanding, does anyone have to look any further than the revised marriage application form in order to realize the absurdity of same-sex marriage? Where once upon a time in a land not so very far away, they requested the names of the prospective Bride and Groom, Marriage applicants now have to fill-in the blanks for, Party A and Party B! The irony is inescapable. In their supposed quest to elevate humanity, the purveyors of such nonsense had to sanitize and degenderize its participants. If there's a glimmer of hope, perhaps it's reflected in the recent protestations of people in (of all places) France! Ultimately, time will out. Rest assured, in the meantime there will be a terrible price to pay for this insanity.


  1. Talk about archaic notions, and a complete and total lack of understanding of the history of marriage. Marriage and its roots come from the dawn of *agriculture*, not the dawn of human civilization. Historical precedence does not begin where Cutter Bench attempts to claim in this little rant...the precedent of marriage began with men needing to control land ownership, and therefore women and "his seed".

    Partnership (sans marriage) prior to *marriage* is established in homo sapiens' evolution, but not in terms of marriage -- and ignoring that facet of history (at least upon learning of that facet of history) is nothing short of willful ignorance attempting to mask itself as "reason."

  2. The arguments used were based on Equality, access to Federal Benefits and Property Transfer… all that could have been addressed in the recognition of Civil Unions (that would have garnered little coverage or even rebuttal). All that would have been needed were a few legal agreements not too far from the standard pre-nuptial agreement that is nationally recognized. But the ultimate goal is an attack on religion thus the “Label” Marriage needed to be co-opted for the next step… Freedom of Religion to Freedom from Religion next Absence of Religion (FOR ALL). The first same-sex couple (with court order) that demands a Catholic Parish perform a ceremony “Or Else” will be the final tipping point.


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