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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The American Plague of Frogs.

By: George

How do you cook a live frog?

I must confess up front that my familiarity with this subject is strictly hearsay because frogs are not Kosher, and being an Orthodox Jew I don't eat frogs, or torture living creatures. But I did read this on the Internet, so it must be true.

So how DO you cook a live frog? If you boiled up a pot of water and then dropped the frog into it, it would immediately jump out. Frogs don't have to be smart to do that, it is a reflex. They feel pain, they react and jump. Keep trying, and they keep jumping. So short of immobilizing them with a pair of tongs and manually dunking them into the boiling pot, how could you do it?

You do it incrementally. First you put a cold pot of water on the stove, and put the frog into it. Frogs love to be in water, so it will just sit there. Next, turn the flame under the pot on to low heat. As the water in the pot starts to warm, the frog will enjoy the warming water. As the water temperature slowly rises, the frog will bask in the warmth until it reaches a point of pain, and it then tries to figure out what to do. The reflex action never kicks in because the danger wasn't sudden and severe. By the time the frog realizes the danger, it no longer has the ability to muster a jump, so it succumbs to the boiling water.

By now those of you who know me realize that I am NOT offering cooking tips, but I am trying to make a point. Something that should be most obvious to each and every one of us, yet we seem to be oblivious to it.

I look at our Country today and what I see is very demoralizing. I see a government that is criminally out of control. With indiscriminate spending, skyrocketing borrowing, rampant taxation, usurped civil liberties, blatant invasion of privacy and emasculation of the Military, the America I used to live in has faded to a dim memory.

I remember not that long ago, when the Government was unobtrusive, the family was central and the workplace was a second family. When the words "In God We Trust" really meant something, when unemployment was voluntary, traveling didn't involve mandatory sexual molestation, when schools prepared students to excel and think for themselves, not to settle for mediocrity and feel good about it, when not everything was a "right", yet it was all right.

So what happened? What happened to us the American people? When did we all develop national myopia? When did we trade Family values for Reality Show morality?

We see the abolition of God from our schools and public venues, and we don't see danger. We see the re-polarization of the American public along racial boundaries, and we don't mourn for those who gave their lives for Racial Equality. We look on while the Boy Scouts are being demonized for not kowtowing to the homosexual agenda, and we don't recoil in terror. We see creeping Islamism and advocacy of Sharia, the marginazation of moral family upbringing, the transformation of dreaded Evils into today's Virtues, while the God-given virtues of yesterday are being swept into the dustbin of "Progress". We watch the price of gasoline heading for the stratosphere, yet we don't collectively rise up and scream "Enough is enough; we will no longer tolerate this!"

How did we get so complacent, so anesthetized to the mushrooming degradation around us? How did people whose lifeblood was Morality, Liberty and Constitutional Government, end up as silent Sheep in the corral of overreaching egotistical bureaucrats? How did we get ensnared by empty suits spouting empty flowery promises, while they dig the shallow grave of a dying Democracy which they deliberately disemboweled? How did we turn into Sheeple?

The answer is that we are not Sheep, but indeed we are Frogs. Frogs who have been lulled by the comfortably gentle waters of the American affluence. Certain parasitic life-forms were jealous of our way of life, and indeed felt threatened by it. These pond-scums longed to eradicate the righteous people who were making them uncomfortable, but they knew that they could not attack America directly, seeing as to how their Hero and Ally Hitler was defeated by the Allies. So what could they do?

They took a few pages out of the Radical Socialist playbook. Infiltrate and control the education system, the Media, Political Parties, Judiciary,and the Labor Unions, and you have the means to bring the country to it's knees. Chop away at morality, the underpinning of the family, Destroy the Dollar, demoralize and weaken the Military, and instigate civil strife. Of course it has to be done incrementally, or the Frogs will leap out of the pot.

Turn the heat up a notch, click.
Fill children's' malleable minds with radical ideas. Click.
Sex education for teens, click.
Teach immorality, lack of respect for parents and authority, click.
Racier movies, click,
More violent movies, click,
Separation of God from State, click,
Separation of God from Schools, click,
Abortion is the woman's right, click.
Try homosexuality, click,
Unions demand more and more, click,
for less and less production, click,
Entitlements, click,
Destroy Healthcare, click.
Cripple domestic energy production, click.
Cripple NASA and the Military, click.
Gay marriage, click,
Rule by fiat, click.
Sex education for Kindergarten, click.
Late term abortion is fine, click.
Give money and arms to Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaida, click,
Turn your back on long trusted allies, click.
Print money non-stop, clic.
Destroy the Economy, click.
Build up a secret militia, click.
Vilify gun ownership, click
Attack Second Amendment, clic.
etc.., etc... click, click, click.

Yikes.., it's getting way too hot. But by now, imperceptibly, the solid backbone of the American spirit has developed an advanced case of Osteoarthritis. We no longer seem to be able to stand up for OUR rights, while we allow ourselves to be charmed and bullied by a secretive unknown "Leader" implanted into the White House and controlled by our very tormentors. Click, Click, Click.

Praise Allah, the Frogs are ready to eat.


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  2. Sounds to me like you would agree with an anti abortion law, and not allow gays to have the same rights as a straight couple.
    I do not agree with abortion but a woman (people in general) have a right to their person (their body) constitutionally affirmed as a natural right given to them by god. Life at conception is a highly charged debate that is highly religious, and I have heard people say it not that its murder! I agree it is. But that is for god to judge not me because she has the right to her body and that person unfortunately is part of it and beyond that sphere she harms no one. And we have freedom of religion which also means freedom to not have a religion, so tell me should we legislate our Christian beliefs on someone is that right? No of course not, God will handle it don't worry. However, I don't think taxes should fund any of it or any organization that supports it.
    Gay marriage simpler you can't deprive humans of their rights, while I don't agree with being gay and think its a sin as long as they stop trying to change the traditional definition of word marriage give them the rights couples have with their own term they can choose just don't co-opt ours.
    Most things you list you are right on about but I hesitate to agree because you don't give your solutions is it change laws, no laws, what? I like your frog analogy but it's pa.. without the zazzz.....
    And obama is and effect of our problem he is not the cause. The cause isn't europe our any one in the world it is own decay. To pawn it off as inflicted on us sounds nice but dodges our responsibility for our current predicament.
    "FABER EST QISQUE FORTUNAE SUAE" : Latin for- Every man is the Architect of his own fortune
    Obama is a result of a self inflicted wound that was bandaged over the years.
    First we bandaged it (Passed a law) but DIDN'T clean the wound (change our own actions)
    Then when it didn't get better we bandaged it again (passed a law) but didn't remove 1st bandage but instead buried it under the new one (making the real issue harder to see and deal with.
    And it went on for a long time like that. Bandage after bandage (law after law) until it had a virus start (the uneducated voter/populous) and that virus started the rot (obama).
    He is a problem, but he is not THE problem.

  3. you approve your comments how liberal of you to not encourage honest dialogue you are another republican who is lost

  4. Along with the “Frogs” there are a few Wolves in the pot. A threatened Wolf is a dangerous Wolf, as the hand stirring the pot gets closer the likelihood of it being snapped at grows. Sadly there are too many frogs and too few wolves, the stew will continue to cook. The only question… will the chef have the patients to wait till the stew is finished? Sitting down to dinner with a threatened and wounded wolf on the table may not turnout as expected. The chef needs to get it right every time, the wolf only needs a moment to snap out and spoil the stew… then, maybe wounded and worn the wolf can recover


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