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Sunday, July 7, 2013

There is no place like home, Toto.

By George:

This weekend I had the occasion to read some articles featuring the weekly Torah (Bible) portion, and I chanced upon a friend's article that contained a quote of a well known Rabbi.  As I read the quote, two facts hit me. First, this quote dovetailed perfectly with my previous article, and the second observation I will give you after you read the quote.  I looked up the complete quote for my own curiosity, and I am including it exactly as printed.  Please read it carefully, and then I will give you my comments and observations.  The quote is:
To inherit a home and to build a home - this encompasses a Jew's ethical vocation on earth. And, in truth, is it not also the foundation of all human welfare? Is it not the sine qua non for the hopes and perfection of all nations? If only this first page of the founding charter of God's nation were read in the conference halls and palaces where the fares and fortunes of nations are deliberated! If only this great "Magna Carta" were consulted wherever education and culture, peace and salvation of men and mankind are discussed. For the fate of men, their success or failure, is decided neither in the chambers of rulers nor on the battlefield. It is not decided in business concerns, in colleges and institutions of arts and sciences or in houses of worship. It is sealed only in one place, in the parental home. Conceive children in purity, see to it that every child, whether he is born in a palace or a hut, is welcomed and nurtured by the love of a mother and a father who have preserved their purity for parenthood, endeavor to facilitate and strengthen the establishment of a sanctified home - then the foundation for the welfare of the people will have been laid and the nation will be assured from the start that all its affairs, at every level, will be dealt with by men of pure hearts and undefiled hands. If one wishes the spirit of ethical integrity to permeate his society, then there is only one way: "build houses" (Jeremiah 29:5), for such a spirit can flourish only in the dedicated atmosphere of a home. There exists no substitute for the home, and if one is looking elsewhere for the source of peace and prosperity, he is searching in vain.
All of a nations politics and diplomacy, its theories of national economy and institutions for mass education, its trade and industry, its schools and community centers - none of these will save the people from extinction if they let the parental home become a parody. Are children born for the sake of the state's false concern instead of the warm love of parents? Does the census show ever-growing numbers of children without parents and parents without children? Does the nation's high society make a mockery of morality and modesty? If so, then all the palaces it is building are founded on quicksand.
Wow! This Rabbi certainly has the grasp of the political atmosphere in America today.  He is able to discern what it is that is gnawing at the fabric of today's society, and point with clarity at the solution for  redemption.

But wait! Just who is this prescient Rabbi?  

His name is Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, living in Germany circa the mid 1800's and died on December 31st, 1888. The quote you have just read, was not castigating the American society, but his criticism was aimed at the German society, and his co-religionists who were mesmerized by the modern ideas and ideals of their contemporaneous societal lifestyles.  At a time when the German civilization was at its zenith, when society was evolving in a wordly manner beyond the Old Fashioned religious dictates, this Rabbi foresaw the obvious development and warned his followers of the dangers.

And how correct he was.  It didn't take long before the modern German Liberalism spawned a Hitler who manipulated the newly accepted mores, and created a generation of willing monsters and their cheerleaders.  The resultant World War devoured the lives of many millions and global society has yet to fully recover.  Boy, am I glad that Rabbi Hirsch was talking about Germany and NOT America.

But wait!!! How exactly is our current version of America different from the pre-Hitler Germany?  As you look around you it will become clear, that rampant Liberalism has pushed our country even further down the road toward an immoral, Godless, "anything goes" society, where the norms of a handful of years ago, such as close knit families,  are jeered and derided by the Societal and Political Elites and their minions.

The similarities are astounding, but I will let you, my readers compile your own list of comparisons between today's America to Hitler's Germany.  When you are done, I know you will find plenty more abominations that the Germans never thought of.  

Would having a Rabbi like Samson Raphael Hirsch to warn us help?  It didn't help most of the German Jews.  God help us all.


  1. All civilizations can trace their downfall to the loss of those essential elements that make it what it is. It is the household that the state is built upon and not the other way. Thank you for the post I enjoyed it. I think we all find that there is nothing more Godly than creation and that begins at home.

  2. Powerful message you hit square on the head with this message I am glad happy hopeful that this great nation has a chance at being great once again but we have to work at it may God bless and pray for these people that are on the forefront of the battles that need to be won SEMPER FI PATRIOTS

  3. My father immigrated to America as a young man from post WWII Germany. He was 16 when WWII ended. There are no stories told at family reunions other than it was my families dream to immigrate out of Germany and most did. Many of my Great Uncles left (to America & Argentina) before Hitler took power because I believe they saw what was to come. There is a quiet disapproving tone of the pre-hitler era. I feel like them. I see what's coming. I hope my dual citizenship with Germany is still in effect. Yet, I have not given up hope. Too many in America know what the tide coming in feels and looks like. We have a socialist president do not be in denial. Those who lived under regimes, dictators, and socialism know the feeling. Do not stick your head in the sand. Do not say never in America unless you plan to be that thing that makes "NEVER" happen! We have a monster in our midst. God help us! GOD HELP US TO HELP OURSELVES!!

  4. This is the first of your articles I have read since we connected on twitter a couple of days ago. No question truth is clear regarding the family and how it has stood the test of time, through centuries. Thus the ongoing attack from those in the "know" who understand that all civilizations fall when the family falls. If I were a historian, I could elaborate on that further. What I can do is share that in the mid-fifties, once Stalin died, Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Union knew full well that they could not take over America militarily. He said.. we don't have too. We will do it from within. Forty-five goals for the destruction of the American culture, way of life and the economy, was set in place. They have all almost been accomplished. Regarding the "family" these are the goals set out to destroy it. Goals 17, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 32, 38, 40, 41, 42, all these goals are either indirectly or directly pointed to destroy the influence of parents. Lenin said, give me a child for 4 years and I will have him for life. For over 60 years now these and the rest of the goals have been eating away at our homes, our churches, our schools, our workplaces and definitely taking control of our city, state and national government. The issue is not red versus blue... it is freedom versus tyranny. I wrote the book" Willing to Die" the true story of a man, John Muntean, in communist Romania, who in 1980 put his life on the line to get his children to freedom. I know the socialist/communist story well. In the end of the book, we did an interview where he warns America of what is coming. We use the 45 Communist goals to prove his point. John was willing to die for freedom... I ask anyone reading this post, who are deeply concerned for your family's ongoing freedoms, what is your red line? When do you say... not on my watch? What are you willing to do to stop America's slide into total socialist/communist control? It is coming of we sit and do nothing.

  5. The attack on the family unit is as old as recorded time. This is the first article I have read since we connected on twitter a couple days ago. There was set in place 45 Communist Goals for the complete destruction of America's culture, way of life and economy. The Soviets under Khrushchev in the mid-fifties knew, America could not be overtaken militarily. He said.. we will do it from within, and they have almost succeeded. These goals touch every aspect of American life and family life. Lenin said... give me a child for 4 years and I will have him for life. The following goals either directly or indirectly affect the family unit. Goals 17,21, 22, 24, 25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 40, 41, 42. Many of these goals are addressed in an interview in the book Willing to Die, the true story of John Muntean, a man willing to die for his children's freedoms. In 1980, in communist Romania, he put his life on the line and brought the Ceausescu government to its knees in the area of safe legal emigration from the country. His story of life under communism and his strong warning in the end of the book, warns America of its future if we do not stand and stop what is happening in our cities, states and nation. What is your red line? When will you as a person or Americans say "no more".. not on our watch? I did over 100 interviews with John and his wife, stayed with them for 5 months, writing the book. The truth is.. if we... you and me, and other freedom loving Americans do not stand and defeat this tyranny, you can kiss freedom goodbye. This is not a red versus blue issue, it is a freedom versus tyranny fight.


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