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Some Details About George

Let me confess right up front - I am an immigrant.  No, not one of the special currently "protected" people, but I am a LEGAL immigrant.

Born in Hungary, opted to leave during the Hungarian Revolution, and have made my home around New York since then. My wife and I are Empty Nesters, with our 3 birdies way beyond driving distance.

My political views tend to tack toward the right, but since I am somewhat older, that is understandable.  As the saying goes "If you are young and are not a Liberal, you have no Heart.  If you are older and are not a Conservative, you have no Brains".  Well... I have brains and I relish in using it.  I question the accepted, analyze situations logically, and when warranted, I will forcefully advocate the TRUTH. (Hence the name of this Blog)

I am a logical person, and lack of logic vexes me.  (You will note that fact on the entries in the Blog.)  I will keep you challenged, and hopefully amused.

I am an Orthodox Jew, and if I gravitate towards the support of the State of Israel, it is because of my Religious convictions.  I also have family in Israel, which includes a daughter who is an avid Blogger, though she stays far away from Politics.

I will also from time to time color my posts with the Orthodox Jewish religious viewpoint, however I will endeavor to make my ruminations palatable for both Jewish and Non-Jewish readers.

I will try to keep this page updated as needs arise, but for now....